HeadCount Going On the Run with JAY Z and Beyoncé

America's most famous couple is going on tour this summer, and HeadCount is coming along for the ride!

Officially named the "On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and JAY Z," the stadium tour will host HeadCount tables so we can register tons of voters. We'll  also show off a unique addition to our "#GoVote" postcard series.

If you've caught up with HeadCount at a festival or show in the last few weeks, you probably saw that we have some cool postcards at our tables, designed by various artists in our scene (David Welker, TRIPP, Gwen AP to name a few). Each postcard has a unique "#GoVote" design on the front, and a "Pledge to Vote" on the back.

For the On the Run tour, we got some help from one of the world's top tattoo artists Luke Wessman.  Luke was on the cover of Inked magazine not too long ago, and his work can be found on the arms, backs and shoulders of many big hip-hop stars.

GoVote_Wessman (1)Check out Luke's #GoVote art! Pretty cool, eh? He tells the whole story behind it and lots more in this interview. Imagine that postcard hanging on your fridge. If you want one, just find us at the On the Run tour and sign a pledge to vote on back.

This isn’t the first time HeadCount has worked with JAY Z.  We were on his “Watch the Throne” tour with Kanye West in 2011 and produced a public service announcement with him the year before.

If you are interested in volunteering with HeadCount at On the Run concerts, sign up at www.HeadCount.org/volunteer.  We also invite local organizations to partner on these efforts, so if you're interested in that, just email us at [email protected].