HeadCount Partners with A-List Stars for #GoodToVote Initiative

HeadCount is encouraging voter registration through a fun and creative initiative: #GoodToVote

If Samuel L. Jackson can deliver a video of him cussing in 15 languages, just because fans took action to get ready to vote, then imagine what other influential figures can do? Youtube creators, A-List movie stars, and artists are using #GoodToVote to challenge their fans.

Once the voter registration or action goal is reached, each star shares a unique reward with their fans. It includes exclusive Full House footage from John Stamos, a Kaitlyn Dever & Beanie Feldstein BookSmart reunion on Instagram, or seeing an exclusive clip from Taylor Schilling's (Piper from Orange is the New Black) new show Monsterland. The possibilities are truly endless!

Check out campaigns in the #GoodToVote initiative below: