Congratulations Josh Gelfand, Winner of First HeadCount Reality Check at Bonnaroo


Nine straight wins. That's what it took to win Reality Check, HeadCount's music and politics trivia game show. After four days of competition, a disputed answer (was "Ernest" – rather than Ernesto – acceptable as Trey Anastasio's correct legal name?), and a final tournament that attracted a throng of contestants and observers, San Diego's Josh Gelfand emerged as the winner.

Reality Check got off to a fast start. More than 750 Bonnaroo attendees played the three-question game, competing for a pair of VIP tickets to Bonnaroo 2010. Anyone who won three times advanced to the Tournament of Champions. As luck would have it, a bracket-friendly 64 players made it that far.

Contestants were eliminated one by one until it came down to Minneapolis's James Fitzgerald and Gelfand. Josh, dressed in his lucky Lakers jersey, came away the winner. Congratulations as well to semifinalists Peter Brennan and Mike St. George.

Reality Check will next visit Rothbury, followed by the All Good Music Festival, Camp Bisco, and Gathering of the Vibes.

[caption id="attachment_573" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Reality Check winner Josh Gelfand"]Reality Check winner Josh Gelfand[/caption]