Chris and Keely’s Festival Adventure Part 4: All Good Music Festival

Hey everybody, All Good Music Festival is over and yet I am already prepping for the final phase of my journey as a HeadCount festival coordinator. Next up Gathering of the Vibes, but first let us discuss All Good.

The way up the mountain in Masontown was a bit too steep for us and our gear. After spinning the tires in the gravel for a few minutes, we realized the problem too much weight. So Dale, Jenna and Liz hopped out of the car and I drove slowly up the steep hill (not really that steep, we just weighed a ton).

All Good was a huge success. Our team got over 400 entries in the photo contest and almost 100 voter registrations, and still managed to keep up with the other “ragers” once the booth was shut down for the day. All Good is great because there is not musical overlap and with a festival with as many great artists as All Good had this was perhaps the festival's greatest feature. No planning required, or tough decisions on which stage to go to for the attendees. In my opinion the stand out set of the weekend was Umphrey's McGee. They were on point all night and even threw in a Micheal Jackson cover in the encore. It was also great to see Stasik and Bayliss on stage throwing it down after MC-ing a meet and greet and Q&A with them at our booth earlier in the day.

All Good was basically a gathering of 30,000 hippies who came to have a good time, not that there is anything wrong with that. We even got to meet a young fan who is currently going through chemo treatment for cancer. Despite his illness he decided to do what he loved;  enjoy some live music and have fun with his friends. Check out his photo in the signs of the times contest.

Outside of the music and booth time, fun was had at the campsite as well. A few rounds of dizzy bat before going into the festival kept me and the Relix crew loose for the late night festivities at the main stage. Sunday night, as supplies dwindled, we were forced to melt ice from the beer cooler to make macaroni and cheese. The next day we packed up the car and headed back to New York city to begin preparing for the upcoming trip to Connecticut for Gathering of The Vibes.

One side note: The “Its All Good” as a response to how you doing was not all that funny but it was hard to go 25 minutes without hearing it. I made the joke several times a day.