Back to Basics

Every grassroots, volunteer organization must be weary of where and how they choose to allocate their resources. Ambition is one of the keys to success and to growth. But sometimes, when one shoots for the stars, it is too easy to overlook your base. Sometimes though, it all come back to the place where it all started.

Never was that more true than last night. Where, in the Disco Biscuits show at the Nokia Theatre, HeadCount registered more volunteers than at any other Biscuits show this year...before the Biscuits even took the stage. By the end of the show, the stellar team of volunteers had almost doubled that number.

It was a great show (Kamaole Sands> 7-11> Little Betty Boop> The City> Kamaole Sands, anyone?), a great experience for a lot of people who were able to be there, and a great night for HeadCount. Sometimes, when you find yourself in the midst of new, exciting things to come, it sure is refreshing to see where it all began.