April Team Leaders of the Month

HeadCount has the best volunteers in music and we want the whole world to know. We tried shouting it from various rooftops but after a few rooftops our voices got a little hoarse and we realized no one was listening to us. So instead we decided to highlight a different volunteer Team Leader every month. For the month of April we are celebrating Celia and Yancey Gregory, HeadCount’s Team Leaders in Nashville, Tennessee.

Names: Celia and Yancey Gregory

Location: Nashville, TN

Alma Mater: University of South Carolina (both)

Favorite Artist: You mean ALL of the HeadCount partner artists?! Phish too.

Top Issues: Education, Environment, Women's Rights

Hobbies: Show-Going (duh), Being Outdoors, Craft Beer, Traveling

Best HeadCount Experience: SO many over 8 years:
CG: Dave Matthews thanking me for being on tour registering voters (!); interviewing several partner artists including Bobby [Weir] for HC's online Headliners Radio channel (RIP); engaging new volunteers who become dear friends; hearing "I registered with HeadCount at a show [2 weeks, 3 months or 6 years ago]!"; all of the sound checks!; volunteering together at Fare Thee Well in Chicago

YG: Fare Thee Well. Seeing everyone descend on a place and the palpable spirit coming from the stage, the fans, in the concourse, in the streets, was like no other concert experience I've ever attended.