Another Winner’s Tale: Camp Bisco

On the last day of Camp Bisco, I stopped by the HeadCount booth and entered a contest.

It's called "Signs of the Times." I had to make a sign, and take a photo.

I didn’t think I’d win, I just wanted to come up with a cool, catchy slogan that would make even just one person think. I decided on “End Indifference,” but when I saw the picture online, I decided I wanted to win. I convinced not just my friends but also my family, kids I haven’t talked to since high school, and even those random people who you’re friends with because you met them once at a show and exchanged names but never spoke to again.

I did win, but I didn’t win on my own. I won because I was lucky enough to have a large network of friends called Oxfam CHANGE Leaders, who I happened to be working with during the last week of the contest. My slogan meant something to them, so they all not only liked my photo but also got their friends and family to vote for me too. The end result: nearly 300 people learned about HeadCount and its mission of connecting people in the music scene with political activism.

I won 2 VIP ID Fest tickets, 2 tickets to Camp Bisco 11, and a meet and greet with the Disco Biscuits, one of my favorite bands!
I’m a huge Oxfam supporter (as well as HeadCount, of course!), so winning two tickets to ID Fest Jones Beach meant that I could bring two extra volunteers with me to help table to raise awareness about Oxfam’s vision of ending world hunger. Luckily, we were right next to the HeadCount booth, which of course meant that we were chillin' with some of the coolest kids around. By 4pm, the rain started and we all had to pack up and get ready to play.

At 6pm I got to meet the Biscuits with one of my friends. I was pretty pumped, but really nervous. When I actually got to meet them, I was so nervous my hands were sweating and shaking and I must have said “like” a thousand times. It was really strange to be “casually” hanging with some of my real idols. I mean, these are THE Disco Biscuits. This is the band that people tattoo the symbol of onto themselves. This is the band that people attend 20+ shows a year. And this is the band that brought me to some of my closest and best friends. When I meet other Biscuit heads, I’m always in awe by their level of commitment, dedication, and passion to this band and music. On top of that, tDB are associated with this amazing not-for-profit work. These guys are truly amazing!

The conversation seemed too short, and I sort of watched them, totally tongue tied, as they talked about iPhones and about a texting thing called GroupMe.  Then, Allen, the drummer (who was so awesome to us!), took us back stage to watch Avicii perform. I actually started to tear up. I’ve never been backstage to any show in my entire life, let alone raging with some of my favorite artists. It was the most amazing experience I've ever had.

However, as amazing as it was, and as excited I was to rage hard to the Biscuits backstage, I realized one very important thing: I missed my Biscuits family. No one loves or rages to the Biscuits as hard as my friends. So, despite feeling super cool (and dry) being backstage, I decided I wanted to be out in the audience with my crew--- in the pouring rain and lightning--- rocking out with my friends. Because that’s what music does: it brings us all together.

So thank you to everyone who voted for my photo, the Disco Biscuits (particularly Allen), HeadCount, and especially my friends, for making this experience truly amazing.