A Piece of STS9 History Could Be Yours

HeadCount is teaming up with STS9 on their current tour to bring you a chance to win a very special item: a band signed, KORG MS2000 Analog Synthesizer. This synth has seen many miles on tour over its years with STS9, and can be the latest addition to your home studio lineup or band memorabilia collection.

Stop by the HeadCount table during STS9's current tour and enter the raffle for a chance to win this very special piece of STS9 history. Proceeds will benefit HeadCount and Solar Knights. For two years now, STS9 has been sponsoring the Solar Knights, high school students from South Plantation High School, in Florida. Coached by keyboard player, David Phipps’s brother Allan Phipps, the Solar Knights continue their efforts to dominate the world of solar vehicle races.