HeadCount is Grassroots California’s Charity of the Month for February

Grassroots California is a progressive clothing line that makes high quality merchandise, at affordable prices, all done here in the United States. I for one LOVE their creative and unique lines of flat brim hats, both fitted and snapbacks. In fact in 2014 Grassroots California and HeadCount collaborated to create the iconic “#GoVote” hat that our co-founder Marc Brownstein can be spotted wearing at many Disco Biscuits, Conspirator and Electron showf38ac207-ae33-4319-b944-996e793c2c7d

Besides making stunningly beautiful hats, what separates Grassroots California from other clothing lines is their commitment to community. In fact, a portion of every hat sold is donated to a non-profit hand-picked by Grassroots California. We are incredibly proud to announce that HeadCount has been selected to receive 1% of all Grassroots California web sales for the month of February.

So head to GrassrootsCalifornia.com and start shopping! Not to pressure you into getting a specific item or anything, but these Jerry Garcia & Jimi Hendrix-inspired hats are amazing.