Rock N’ Roll Dr. Makes Cable Viewers Say “Ahh”

Latenight cable TV watchers, meet the Rock N' Roll Dr.

In a hilarious spoof of the used car and mattress commercials that air on TV in the wee hours, AEG Live has created the "Rock N' Roll Dr.", a quirky quack who screams at the audience while cheesy graphics pimp upcoming shows at local venues.

Underneath the high intensity sales pitch is some very clever marketing that could transform how promoters sell concert tickets to the public. As weekly print publications slip in importance and the Web becomes a place where people search for specific information more often than perusing concert listings, promoters need new and cost-effective outlets to reach audiences.

That's where latenight cable TV comes in. 30-second spots on some local cable channels sell for less than $100 each. But how do you produce your own TV commercial on a low budget without looking cheesy? Well, you can't. But the Rock N' Roll Dr. is the perfect medicine. AEG turned low production value into comedy while still splashing "The Motet" and "Smashmouth" across the screen.

To view all the commercials subscribe to the Rock N' Roll Dr. YouTube channel.