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Disappointed by Youth Voter Turnout? Take Another Look

Youth voter turnout actually increased in 2014, despite overall turnout hitting its lowest level in 72 years.

Just Doing It: A Journey To The Philippines

Veteran HeadCount volunteer Laura Scalet didn’t have a plan when she followed her heart to the Philippines after a devastating typhoon. But the purpose and community she found there would deeply change not just her life, but also those of the people she’s helped.

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The Facts About “Dropoff Voters”

Do you vote in the Presidential Election, but not again for another four years? You’re not alone.

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We’ll Miss You, Rommel

HeadCount’s newest Team Leader left us way before his time. We hardly knew him, but will miss him always.

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A Simple Symbol of Friendship and Hope

Flowers and a photo won’t stop a war on the other side of the world. But it’s tiny acts of love and solidarity, echoed across social media, that plant the seeds of peace.

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How Wayne Coyne Showed His Humanity By Stopping A Show

Wayne Coyne brought a shot to screeching halt out of concert for one fan, and reminded everyone what a festival is all about.

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Don’t Blame Congress for the Government Shutdown: An Open Letter to America

Guest contributor Alex Rinear argues that the government shutdown is ultimately the fault of the American people — particularly those who decline to vote. He calls on Americans to show up, be heard, and change Congress in 2014.

Interview: HeadCount Board Member Nicole Boxer-Keegan

The Oscar-nominated documentary “Invisible War” tackles the very heavy topic of sexual assault in the military. HeadCount board member Nicole Boxer-Keegan, an executive producer of the film, discusses the heart-wrenching stories it shares and the impact they’ve had on policy.

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HeadCount on Jam Cruise!

HeadCount sent some of its top volunteers on Jam Cruise 11 as a reward for all their hard work. On board, they enjoyed great music, a dinner with artists (open to all HeadCount volunteers), and some serious bonding.

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Building Community in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Two HeadCount volunteers, who last teamed up on the Summer Phish tour, are now on the front lines of Sandy relief efforts.

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