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The Ultimate VIP Trip to Austin City Limits Music Festival

I could not have made this up even if I wanted to, but when my girlfriend and I were in NY in early September, for a long weekend to catch a few concerts, we were approached by a team member right before the Phantogram show. She explained a little bit about the organization and…

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Move Closer, Speak Softer

Brendan Willing James is a songrwriter and vocalist from San Pedro, CA and currently a member of GrizFolk. We welcome him as a guest blogger to share his unique post-election viewpoint. Please note that the HeadCount blog is an open forum where all opinions are welcome. Anyone wishing to write for the HeadCount blog may do so…

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Have PRIDE in Voting

I’m lucky enough to have been able to surround myself with allies my whole life (thankfully, safe some spaces do exist). I learned early on (from friends of color) that “passing” (as straight) does not do the GLBTQ community any good. And thanks to the support of my friends, family and the music community I…

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When Meeting Your Heroes Goes Right

My first HeadCount volunteer experience was nearly six years ago. I don’t remember the show but I remember the reasons I signed up to volunteer. It was a fantastic way to explore my interest in political participation with the added benefit of seeing an abundance of live music. I quickly discovered the benefits exceeded my…

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8 Simple Ways Millennials Can Boost Their Civic Engagement

The following is a guest blog from our friends at icitizen, a smartphone app that makes it easy to stay connected with elected officials and your community.  Civic engagement. What is it? If your first thought was “vague buzzword,” you’re not alone. And it’s partly true. It has a pretty broad definition, it essentially means…

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The RITE To Vote and a “Thank You” to Jack Johnson

On National Voter Registration Day Tuesday, Jack Johnson posted this “Register to Vote” photo on Facebook. It garnered nearly 5,000 likes and dozens of comments, including the one above from the parent of a special needs Jack Johnson fan who just turned 18. We asked her to share her story. My son turned 18 this…

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Viewpoint: Improving Campus Sexual Assault Policies Must Become a Priority

Campus sexual assault has come to the forefront of the national conversation recently. Miranda Willson explores the ins and outs of what is being called an epidemic.

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A Humble Bonnaroovian Adventure

Bonnaroo 2014 wasn’t just about Kanye. For us, it was also about our amazing partners iCitizen, yoga at dawn, democracy on The Farm, and the musicians who brought their A game.

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Jeff Simonds: The Pitch

What if we chose the vice president like we choose America’s Next Top Model? Jeff Simonds makes the pitch — in comic form.

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Jeff Simonds: I Have A Gun

Jeff Simonds — a gun owner — takes on gun control and who should make it past background checks.

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