Hannah Bernstein

By Chris Reed on May 13, 2024

Hannah Bernstein is a student in Columbus, Ohio. She got involved with HeadCount in the summer of 2023 and decided to get more involved when she got too into Noah Kahan. Outside of HeadCount, Hannah is in the woods, leading backpacking trips. [email protected]

Jordan Kalai

By Chris Reed on May 8, 2024

Jordan Kalai joined HeadCount in 2019 after seeing an activation at a Panic! At the Disco concert and began volunteering in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Now a Palo Alto resident, Jordan enjoys attending concerts and community events around the Bay Area. Some of Jordan’s favorite artists are Olivia Rodrigo, Hozier, Chappell Roan, Harry…

Ari Spence

By Chris Reed on

Ari Spence has been volunteering with HeadCount since August of 2022. She loves a huge variety of music, but finds she most gravitates toward indie-pop, alternative, and modern rock artists. Outside of HeadCount, Ari is a full-time graduate school student who cross-stitches and reads books for fun. She enjoys spending time with her four cats,…

Becky Wood

By Chris Reed on May 6, 2024

Becky Wood has been registering voters with HeadCount since 2016, having connected with the organization after volunteering with other groups like The Ally Coalition, Reverb, and Calling All Crows. She was so inspired by the work of these groups that she wrote her graduate thesis about the intersection of music fan communities and activism. A…

Joseph Burleson

By Chris Reed on May 1, 2024

Joe Burleson has called Miami home for over a decade. As a classically trained trumpet player and former hip-hop industry insider, Joe embraces a wide spectrum of musical styles. His passion for music and commitment to positive change led him to join HeadCount. When he’s not at a show, Joe can be found exploring Miami’s…

Henry Zucco

By Chris Reed on April 13, 2024

Henry Zucco is a student at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. The first time he got involved with HeadCount was when a friend suggested that he sign up to volunteer a local Pride event in Northampton, MA. From there he realized how rewarding the work is and fell in love. Henry loves music of all…

Bennett Wasch

By Chris Reed on April 11, 2024

Bennett Wasch was born and raised in the Annapolis, MD area and began volunteering for HeadCount in 2018 after stumbling upon them. After moving to Baltimore for Law School and having the opportunity to volunteer at more shows, he realized how much the mission of Headcount resonated with him, so applying to become a Team…

Skylar Little

By Chris Reed on April 9, 2024

Skylar Little lives in Atlanta and loves the local creative scene. She used to write for Creative Loafing Atlanta’s Arts Agenda section while in undergrad at Georgia State University. Skylar goes to Shaky Knees and Bonnaroo every year and frequents concerts in between. She works in digital events, and she recently finished a master’s degree…

Mike Lewandrowski

By Chris Reed on April 4, 2024

I am a social worker from upstate NY. My motto is be thankful for everything! Life has given allot of good things from a toothpick to the guitar playing of Billy Strings. I have a variety of hobbies from kayaking, bowling, bicycling, and of course going to shows! My brother took me to Krockathon when…

Jeanelle Sims

By Chris Reed on March 26, 2024

Jeanelle is a native of the Southside of Chicago, a lifelong lover of music, and she’s been registering voters since 2004. Her first HeadCount show was the On The Run II tour in 2018, and she’s been hooked ever since. When she’s not managing data for a nonprofit, going to shows, or registering voters, Jeanelle…