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Miranda Finn Hyman

By Laurie Lenninger on June 17, 2021

Miranda Finn Hyman, she/her (Aka. Miranda Finn) is a musician, songwriter, activist, and student at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. She has been writing, singing, and performing music since elementary school and is currently pursuing a major of her own creation entitled “Popular Music, Songwriting, Performance through a Feminist Lens.” As a queer white Jewish…

Io Hernandez-Rivera

By Laurie Lenninger on May 24, 2021

Io (she/her) grew up in Greenville, SC where she learned how to play the violin from a very young age. Growing up, she had a strong passion for social justice but was not sure how to mix it together with her love for music. Now at DePauw University, Io is pursuing her Violin Performance and…

Hunter Halliwell

By Laurie Lenninger on

Hunter Halliwell is a New Jersey native and is currently working toward his Bachelor’s degree in Communication at Loyola University Maryland. He grew up in a musical household where he learned at a young age the impact music can have on the world. Live music is incredibly important to Hunter and he will go to…

Aaron Posner

By Laurie Lenninger on May 20, 2021

Aaron Posner is an MPA-PNP candidate at NYU Wagner specializing in Advocacy and Political Action. He is a passionate advocate in issues around incarceration and immigration and is a strong proponent of the power of organizing. Among other community organizing efforts, Aaron is the Direct Action Chair of Wagner’s Students for Criminal Justice Reform. He…

Elena Wilson

By Laurie Lenninger on January 19, 2021

Elena Wilson is currently working towards her Masters’s degree in Politics at The New School. Along with being an avid consumer of political news and information, she has a love for the performing arts and takes every opportunity she can to experience the thrill of live performance. Supporting the arts is very important to her…

Grace Bedsole

By Laurie Lenninger on

Grace is a senior at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. Growing up in California, she has always pushed herself to step out of her comfort zone and travel. She hopes to move to New York after graduation and pursue a career in Social Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility. She considers herself a true…

Jordan Dodson

By Laurie Lenninger on

Jordan Dodson (they/them) is an activist and Senior Music Business Major and African American Studies Minor at the University of Memphis. Dodson takes pride in community organizing and raising awareness for issues that affect marginalized communities. In 2021, Dodson was awarded a “Communicator of the Year” award for their leadership on the frontlines of protests….

Rebecca Perla

By Laurie Lenninger on

Rebecca is a junior studying journalism and art history at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Born and raised in New York City, she loves the Manhattan hustle and bustle and picking up conversations with strangers on the one train. Rebecca has been obsessed with live music and music journalism ever since her first concert, Hannah Montana:…

Christina Ventura

By Laurie Lenninger on November 16, 2020

Christina Ventura has been working in social and digital marketing for nearly a decade. While at Live Nation, she marketed events for acts like Beyonce, Eagles, Drake, Luke Bryan, BTS, Romeo Santos, and more. She started her career in communications and development in the non-profit sector before joining the marketing team at Webster Hall. Christina…

Nicole Wagner

By Laurie Lenninger on August 24, 2020

Nicole is a sophomore at Pace University in New York City studying Arts and Entertainment Management. She first heard about HeadCount when she moved to the city in 2019 and has been volunteering ever since. From a young age, her life revolved around the entertainment and music industry, and as she grew older, politics became one…