Author: Rebecca McHugh

Women’s Festival Must Choose Between The Indigo Girls and Transgender Ban

The Indigo Girls and other activists are threatening to boycott this women’s music festival. What’s got them upset?

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Free Concert Tix for Good (Global) Citizens

What if taking action online to end global poverty earned you free concert tix? Global Citizen is making that a reality.

Deadheads Get Organized to Keep Jerry Garcia’s Name On Venue

Jerry Garcia gets a venue bar named after him just as Deadheads unit to keep his name on another venue in San Francisco. Plus, other places named for musicians we love.

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‘Accidental Racist’ Leads to Racial Debate, on Purpose

Brad Paisley’s new collaboration with LL Cool J ‘Accidental Racist’ was recorded to promote interracial understanding, but instead, has caused an uproar.

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Swapping Guns for Greatness

The “Guns for Greatness” program offers cash – and mentoring from hip hop luminaries – in exchange for guns.

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Asks His Neighbors to Support Same-Sex Marriage

Wilco’s frontman, Jeff Tweedy, is a long way from forgetting his roots. Tweedy has a history of sharing his opinions on gay marriage, and now he is taking the message home – to Belleville, Illinois to be exact.

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Proof of Citizenship Could be Required for All Arizona Voters

An Arizona law could require voters to submit proof of citizenship when registering to vote. Try doing that when registering at a concert!

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Rapper’s Revolution

Chart-topping A$AP Rocky speaks of uniting people through his music, while 2Chainz and Meek Mill are honored at the Hip Hop Inaugural Ball for their contributions doing just that. Hopefully, their voices are representative of a larger generation that values inclusion, civic participation and community involvement.