Don’t Think Twice – A Tribute to a Friend and Volunteer

By Celia Gregory on December 20, 2017

I realized recently that this will be the first holiday season I can’t finagle a Waffle House intermission from family time in Kentucky to catch up with my high school BFF over greasy omelettes and weak coffee. It’s been four months with Sarah gone, but it still doesn’t feel real, and might not until our…

HeadCount Holiday Auction 2017

By Aaron Ghitelman on December 11, 2017

This year we launched our biggest holiday auction yet: with rare collectible signed by Bob Weir, Phish, Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, The Roots, The Disco Biscuits, Dixie Chicks, Phil Lesh and so many more. Auction closes on Thursday, December 13th around 3pm ET. One of the coolest items is a signed copy of a…

Alabama closes out elections in 2017: Are you ready?

By Tappan Vickery on November 21, 2017

It’s been a while since I called Alabama home, but it’s always on my mind. HeadCount was not active in the state for some time, but over the past two years through amazing volunteers in Huntsville and Birmingham, and through the Hangout Music Festival, we have made a lot of headway in educating and engaging voters…

Election Day 2017 Was Big for HeadCount + Voter Turnout

By Andy Bernstein on November 8, 2017

Yesterday was a big day for HeadCount and America. Voter turnout was its highest in years for the Virginia governor’s election, with increases among BOTH Republican and Democratic voters. Nearly half of all eligible voters (47%) turned out, which is unusual for a so-called “off-year” election. HeadCount’s #VoteLocal campaignreached a climax with more than 85…

#StayWoke by being a LOCAL VOTER on Tuesday

By Tappan Vickery on November 6, 2017

Every couple of years I write a blog for HeadCount or for local blogs in Raleigh about the importance of voting in local elections. I recount the numerous important jobs local elected officials at the municipal or county level have, and how directly their work impacts our lives. You know what hasn’t happened? More people…

Can You Do The Con-Con? Explaining New York’s Constitutional Convention Vote

By Morgan Pierpont on November 1, 2017

On November 7th, New Yorkers will vote on whether a state Constitutional Convention will happen in 2019. This Constitutional Convention vote lands on the ballot every 20 years, theoretically giving each generation an almost Jeffersonian opportunity to re-write the state’s laws. The last two times that the con-con appeared on the NY ballot, in 1997…

Virginia’s Governor’s Race: Taking Temperature of America in a Swing State

By Morgan Pierpont on October 31, 2017

Virginia’s gubernatorial election will take place on November 7th. Running in the race is Democrat Ralph Northam, Republican Ed Gillespie, and Libertarian Cliff Hyra. According to the majority of recent polls, Democratic nominee Northam appears to be leading Gillespie and Hyra. Hyra, however, is far behind, averaging about 2.5% in these polls. While the polling…

New Jersey’s Governor’s Race: A Referendum on Chris Christie

By Morgan Pierpont on October 27, 2017

In New Jersey, Democratic candidate Phil Murphy and Republican candidate Kim Guadagno face off in the race to succeed Chris Christie as New Jersey’s governor. The general election will take place on November 7th. The polls show that Democrat Phil Murphy is far ahead, leading Guadagno by 10-15 points, far outside the margin of error….

Berklee Musical Town Hall

By Andy Bernstein on October 26, 2017

HeadCount’s first-ever Musical Town Hall took place at the Berklee College of Music on October 20th, a gathering to show off new talent while encouraging democratic participation. Organized entirely by students at the Jackson Browne Stage in “the Caf,”, the event featured three student performers with a fantastic house band, and talks by student government representatives…

The Heartbreaking Reality of Route 91 Harvest Festival’s Photo Album

By Morgan Pierpont on October 11, 2017

The HeadCount blog is a forum for our community where we welcome all opinions and perspectives. Anyone wishing to write for the HeadCount blog may do so by emailing [email protected]. This commentary reflects only the views of the author and not of the HeadCount organization.  My favorite thing to do after going to a concert of festival is to…