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Your state has automatic vote by mail– if you're a registered voter, you'll receive a ballot in the mail whenever there's an election.

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How & Where to Vote

Find out where to vote, how to vote, how to vote early, and how to vote by mail.

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Register to vote in Colorado, or learn more about voter ID & rights.

Election Details

Visit the Colorado Election Website or call (303) 894-2200 to learn more about your states voting details.

Important Dates - General Election

General Election Date
In-person Registration Deadline
Mail Registration Deadline (postmarked by)

Don’t miss your next election!

On November 2nd, Colorado will hold a statewide ballot initiative election. This may coincide with local races, or counties and towns may hold elections on alternate dates. Be in touch with your county clerk to confirm local races in 2021. Colorado Springs will hold its municipal election on April 6th and Aurora will hold its municipal election on November 2nd.

There is no voter registration deadline in Colorado.

Colorado is a vote-by-mail state. As long as your registration lists your current address, you will receive a ballot. If you have moved, please be sure to update your registration by 8 days before Election Day to receive a ballot by-mail. (Click here to register to vote.)

Missed the registration deadline? No problem, you may go to your county elections office and designated vote centers to register to vote in-person through Election Day.

Your polling place hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Presidential Primaries

Colorado holds semi-closed primaries. Voters must be registered with their party of choice or unafilliated with a party. When registering, unaffiliated voters can select to receive ballots from all parties by mail and later decide which ballot to use and return.

Statewide Primaries

Some congressional seats, state offices and constitutional amendments may be included on the ballot.

Early Voting + Absentee Voting

Early Voting Dates: Oct. 25th to Nov. 1st

All voters registered at least 8 days before the election (Oct. 25th) in Colorado should receive a by-mail ballot. No excuse required. If you have not received your ballot you can check its status here.

Voters may return ballots by-mail as long as it is received by Election Day, or in-person to their county clerk’s office, stand alone drop box locations, or Voter Service and Polling Center by Election Day. Click here to find your local locations.

Voters may register to vote and vote in person at any vote center from Oct. 25th to Election Day.

Alternatively, you can register to vote and vote in-person at Voter Service and Polling Centers on or before Election Day.

Voter ID + Access for Colorado

Do Voters Need ID?

  • Yes, voters need an ID
  • Multiple forms of ID accepted
  • First time voters need ID
  • Student IDs accepted

More Chances to Register

  • You can register to vote during Early Voting.
  • You can register to vote on Election Day.

  • Pre-registration

    • The pre-registration age is 16
    • You can vote at age 17 in primary elections if you're 18 by the general election
    Youth participation is affected by changing state legislation or party rules. If we are not up to date please let us know.

    Have you been convicted of a felony?

    See what the registration laws are in your state below.

    Felon Re-Enfranchisement Laws

    Voting and attending college?

    Get information on how to vote from Campus Vote Project below.

    College Student Voting Info