What do I need to register to vote?

In most states you need (1) an address from which you plan to vote, and (2) an ID number – either a current and valid driver’s license or your social security number, if you don’t have the former.

Arizona also requires proof of citizenship. In Arizona, this means you need to provide an Arizona driver’s license or state ID number (issued after October 1, 1996), or documentary proof such as a birth or naturalization certificate along with the registration application.

In Wisconsin, all voters need to provide a proof of residency when you register to vote. Proof of residency can include a valid in-state driver’s license with your current address or recent official mail with your name and address. South Carolina and Vermont also require proof of residency documentation if you register to vote by mail.

In most states, if you have neither a current driver’s license or state-issued ID, and have never been issued a social security number, you can still register by indicating on the registration form that you have neither identification number. Some may require an affidavit or other documentation.

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