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How many hours do I have to work at a festival?

By Emily Gibbs on October 5, 2019

Generally it’s six hours each day (in shifts of two or three hours). In addition, you need to participate in training, setup and takedown. When not working, you must still abide by HeadCount’s festival policies, which your Team Leader will detail (nothing surprising, but you must refrain from certain illegal activities and represent HeadCount well at all…

How can I volunteer for a festival?

By Emily Gibbs on

You can sign up for a festival just like any other event. But there are several differences between festivals and regular shows. For one thing, at multi-day festivals you usually need to arrive at a festival the day before the music starts, and it can last for several days. You also will need to provide a credit…

What if I leave the show early?

By Emily Gibbs on

You are free to leave the show early as long as you stay until the HeadCount table shuts down. If you have a reason you expect you’ll need to leave early, make sure that you communicate that with the Team Leader when they’re confirming volunteers for the show.

What is the drug/alcohol policy?

By Emily Gibbs on

You must be 100% sober when volunteering for HeadCount. 100%. That means no alcohol or drugs can be consumed before or during the time you volunteer.

Do you provide transportation to events?

By Emily Gibbs on

No, we’re afraid you’re on your own for getting to and from the venue. For festivals we encourage volunteers to carpool together, and will try to help you arrange that when possible.

Will I get to meet the band?

By Emily Gibbs on

We can’t say that happens regularly. The artists we work with are very supportive and from time to time our volunteers get to meet them, but this is unusual and not something to plan on.

Can I show up late and still get in?

By Emily Gibbs on

No. Being late is a guaranteed way to create a difficult circumstance for everyone involved. If you are late and miss the opportunity to enter the venue with your team leader, you very likely will be denied access to the show.

Can I bring a friend?

By Emily Gibbs on

We encourage you to invite friends to also sign up for a show you’re volunteering at. If you have friends signing up with you, be sure to let the Team Leader know so they can do their best to confirm you both. However, you can not bring friends unless they are confirmed as a volunteer.

What is the dress code?

By Emily Gibbs on

We require you to look respectable and non-partisan. This means you can dress any way you wish within the following limitations: * Absolutely no partisan pins, t-shirts or statements may appear on your person

Can you choose which events to sign up for?

By Emily Gibbs on

You sure can! On HeadCount’s events page, you can see all the upcoming shows in your area and sign up for only those you’re interested in volunteering for. You’ll need to log in to sign up for shows, and then can pick any you wish.