[quote source=”Sarah Duffany • Salt Lake City, UT”]
My best memory of HeadCount is when Bob Weir and Michael Franti gave shout-outs during their performances. I literally got chills and was so proud to be part of an organization that is making a positive change.

[quote source=”Michelle Rodrigues • San Francisco, CA”]
My experience with Headcount made me realize that the powers of one voice is contagious.

[quote source=”Nick Salgo • New York, NY”]
The thing that I like most about HeadCount is it reinforces the idea of community in the live music scene and it gives that community a voice.[/quote]

[quote source=”Shari Beth Katz • Miami, FL”]
When I walk away from a  group of people at a show, I love overhearing that they are now talking about politics. [/quote]

[quote source=”Andrew Molloy • Lancaster, PA “]
HeadCount is the place to be plugged into the pulse of the live music community and facilitate meaningful activism on a large scale. [/quote]

[quote source=”Julia Judge • Boston, MA”]
If I could say one thing to prospective volunteers, it would be this: this is an organization where you will never feel disposable.   [/quote]

[quote source=”Sebastian Freed • New York, NY”]
Not only was HeadCount an incredible experience, it helped shape me as person and figure out my career path.[/quote]

[quote source=”Joseph Tomain • Athens, GA”]
Democracy only works if citizens are engaged and vote. HeadCount is helping restore our democracy by engaging and registering voters. [/quote]

[quote source=”Chris Reed • Washington, DC”]
HeadCount allows you to witness the power of democracy one registration at a time. When you hold a fat stack of forms after a festival, you can feel the potential power. [/quote]

[quote source=”JR Wotring • Columbus, OH”]
Every time I go out and do an event, I work with the MOST amazing people. The people drawn to HeadCount are simply the finest humans on the planet. I struggle to comprehend the phenomenal circle of friends I’ve acquired though my HeadCount experiences. I am so fortunate to find myself leading groups of new HeadCounters year after year and I have yet to be disappointed by this incredible community. [/quote]

[quote source=”Gregory Sarafan • New York, NY”]
Volunteering with HeadCount is any civilly minded music enthusiasts dream. Good music, good people and the facilitation of participation in politics by ordinary citizens. [/quote]

[quote source=”Christine Randolph • Connecticut”]
HeadCount welcomed me to the family I didn’t even know I had! [/quote]

[quote source=”Jeff Simonds • Albany, NY”]
With HeadCount, I’ve visited a dozen states, seen bands I would have never heard of otherwise and registered more than a thousand voters. For people who love adventure, music and true democracy, this hits all three. [/quote]

[quote source=”Danielle Hessong • Birmingham, AL”]
I was hooked after my first time volunteering for HeadCount! The people, the music and the sense of purpose you feel after doing something meaningful is addictive. [/quote]

[quote source=”Brian Buckley • Boston, MA”]
Nothing quire compares to that feeling you get when at every show, people take time out of their evening to come up and tell you “I don’t need to register, but that you SO much for what you’re doing.” [/quote]

[quote source=”Evan Rose • New York, NY”]
HeadCount is a vehicle for progress where you can put your energy behind a vital cause. All the while, you’re meeting the most wonderful people, hearing amazing music, being a part of the behind the scenes magic and bringing a positive change to your community. [/quote]

[quote source=”Tim McCormick • Denver, CO”]
I’ve been involved with HeadCount for many years and through multiple local and national election cycles. It has not only given me the opportunity to participate in the Democratic process, but has allowed me to create long lasting relationships and friendships with HeadCount’s staff and volunteers. HeadCount is truly a unique organization with a strong and positive mission. [/quote]

[quote source=”Lenny Craig • Richmond, VA”]
Just when I was about to give up on the system, HeadCount gave me a renewed vision for our political system, our youth and our country. [/quote]

[quote source=”Brigid Tatlow• New York, NY”]
The HeadCount mission has fostered within me a true desire to promote positive change. The HeadCount community has provided me with the opportunity not only to meet but to forge strong and lasting friendships with some of the most interesting and genuine people I’ve ever known. [/quote]

[quote source=”Brandon Londo • St. Paul, MN”]
HeadCount gives me the opportunity to have conversations that matter with people from all walks of life while finding common ground in our mutual appreciation for the performing artist. It’s a fantastic experience every single time. [/quote]

[quote source=”Thais Schaller • New York, NY”]
HeadCount brings people and experiences into your life that you have only dreamed about. As a HeadCount team leader, you change the lives of your volunteers and your audience for the better. What’s not to love about that?[/quote]

[quote source=”Kathleen Jacques • Raleigh, NC”]
I am excited to be a part of a grass roots organization that encourages people to become engaged and participate in our political process. It is also a great way to meet people from all backgrounds and interests! [/quote]