Get involved in politics and grassroots organizing! HeadCount works with hundreds of artists to register voters and raise social consciousness. Whenever they play a concert near a major city, we’re there registering voters and promoting democracy.

What does a HeadCount Volunteer do?

The main responsibility of a HeadCount volunteer is to approach people and ask “Are you registered to vote at your current address?” and then assist them as they complete a voter registration form. You need to be outgoing, a good communicator, and a true believer in democracy. You also need to work hard – volunteering is fun but it definitely requires high-energy and a can-do attitude. You’ll engage in this activity from the time the doors open to when the headlining act starts playing, and also be working set-break. In addition, you will participate in a training, plus set-up and take-down of the HeadCount table.

Events & Concerts

Are you looking for an exciting way to get involved in politics or grassroots organizing?

08/06/20Larry Keel Experience

Hound's Drive-In Theatre
Kings Mountain

08/07/20I Can't Breathe Rally

Miller Plaza - Chattanoga

08/08/20Donuts for Democracy at the Wissahickon 10am-12pm

Wissahickon Trail Ridge Ave

08/08/20Donuts for Democracy at the Wissahickon Trail 1pm-3pm

Wissahickon Trail Ridge Ave

08/08/20Under the Marquee - Voter Registration Drive

Fonda Theatre
Los Angeles

08/08/20West Philly Community Day 9AM-12PM

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