How old do I have to be to volunteer?

By Aziza Genglik on May 2, 2022

HeadCount welcomes folks of all ages to volunteer. Minors ages 13 to 15 should only be at an event when their parent or legal guardian also volunteer. We also recommend checking the age restrictions on a given event or venue. Any minor that volunteers at an event must have their parent or guardian sign a…

Why do you need my credit card information?

By Aziza Genglik on

All events with HeadCount are free to attend. However, when applying to work at large events such as festivals, you are required to have a credit card on file. If a volunteer cancels within two weeks of an event, is a no-show or attends the event but does not fulfill their volunteering requirements, then HeadCount…

What is my likelihood for getting chosen for a show?

By Emily Gibbs on October 5, 2019

We encourage you to sign up for any show that interests you, but be prepared to get started with some weekday shows or shows by smaller bands. Our most popular events oftentimes have more volunteers sign up than there are spots available, meaning you may end up on the waitlist for some of these shows….

How can I volunteer again?

By Emily Gibbs on

Visit and sign up for another show. You also can stay in touch directly with your Team Leader and let them know what shows you want to work, but you must also sign up through our website.

How many hours do I have to work at a festival?

By Emily Gibbs on

Approximately six hours each day (in shifts of two or three hours). At some lightly staffed events, it can be up to eight hours. In addition, you need to participate in training, setup and takedown. When not working, you must still abide by HeadCount’s festival policies.

How can I volunteer for a festival?

By Emily Gibbs on

You can sign up for a festival just like any other event. But there are several differences between festivals and regular shows. For one thing, at multi-day festivals you usually need to arrive the day before the music starts (especially if it is a camping festival). You also will need to provide a credit card…

Does this count for community service hours?

By Emily Gibbs on

It can. For volunteers in good standing, HeadCount is happy to provide any documentation you need.

Do I need previous volunteer experience?

By Emily Gibbs on

No. No experience is required to volunteer at a show with HeadCount.

What if I cannot vote?

By Emily Gibbs on

Volunteering for HeadCount is a great way to still participate in democracy and encourage others to make their voices heard, even if you are not able to vote.

What if I don’t vote?

By Emily Gibbs on

If you personally don’t believe in voting or have never bothered, this probably isn’t the best volunteer opportunity for you.