Get tools to register voters on the streets, at the dinner table, and in your neighborhood.

HeadCount stands in solidarity with Americans that exercise their right to assemble in the fight against systemic racism, or any injustice or inequality. These principles are nonpartisan and inherently American.

We believe that meaningful change can come from the ballot box, especially in local elections where leaders closely impact our lives.

In an effort to support grassroots movements everywhere, we are offering resources to anyone wishing to register voters in public spaces – whether it be a rally, in a community meeting, in a classroom, a place of worship or a local business. We aim to empower individuals and groups, and drive positive outcomes out of the painful moments so many have endured on the path to change.

We invite anyone to download our resources below. The QR and text codes direct voters to this website. From here they can register to vote, verify their status, or pledge to get friends to the polls.



  • Print out multiple copies and distribute in large crowds. This way, people can register themselves at home if they want!
  • Tape onto the back of your sign. Use the front of your sign to display your message, and inspire everyone behind you to register.
  • Get creative– tape it to your t-shirt or make it a yard sign. Register voters everywhere.

We want to see these in action! Share photos of your signs to [email protected] or DM us on Instagram or Twitter at @HeadCountOrg.

If you are a local community organization looking for tools to engage your community members in voting, please reach out to [email protected]

printable qr code 8 ½ x 11 Printable Sign QR Code
Click here to download.
printable text 8 ½ x 11 Printable Sign Text Code
Click here to download.
Large QR Code 18 x 24 Printable QR Code (requires a professional printer)
Click here to download.
large text sign 18 x 24 Printable Text Code (requires a professional printer)
Click here to download.
Register to Vote