Think You’re
Too Young
to Register?

Check out our table below to confirm how old you need to be to register. Some states have laws that specifically allow citizens to preregister at a certain age while others allow registration as long as you’re 18 by the next election. Preregistration means you’ll be automatically registered to vote on your 18th birthday without taking any additional steps.  Some states even let you vote in their primaries at 17 if you’ll be 18 by the general election so you can participate in the whole process!

If your age fits into one of these categories register to vote here today! You’ll need an in-state ID number (driver’s license, permit, state issued ID) or your social security number to process the registration.

Need to register?

It only takes two minutes to register to vote!

State by State
Pre-Registration Information

Alabama N/A Yes No
Alaska 17 and 9 months No No
Arizona N/A Yes No
Arkansas N/A Yes No
California 16 No No
Colorado N/A Yes No
Connecticut N/A Yes Yes
Delaware 16 No Yes
District of Columbia 16 No Yes
Florida 16 No No
Georgia 17 and 6 months No No
Hawaii 16 No No
Idaho N/A Yes No
Illinois N/A Yes Yes
Indiana N/A Yes Yes
Iowa 17 and 6 months Yes No
Kansas N/A Yes No
Kentucky N/A Yes Yes
Louisiana 16 No No
Maine 16 No Yes
Maryland 16 No Yes
Massachusetts 16 No No
Michigan N/A Yes No
Minnesota N/A Yes No
Mississippi N/A Yes Yes
Missouri 17 and 6 months Yes No
Montana N/A Yes No
Nebraska N/A Yes Yes
Nevada 17 No No
New Hampshire N/A Yes No
New Jersey 17 No No
New Mexico N/A Yes Yes
New York 16 No No
North Carolina 16 No Yes
North Dakota N/A No No
Ohio N/A Yes Yes
Oklahoma N/A Yes No
Oregon 16 No No
Pennsylvania N/A Yes No
Rhode Island 16 No No
South Carolina N/A Yes Yes
South Dakota N/A Yes No
Tennessee N/A Yes No
Texas 17 years and 10 months No No
Utah 16 No Yes
Vermont N/A Yes Yes
Virginia N/A Yes Yes
Washington 16 No No
West Virginia 17 No Yes
Wisconsin N/A Yes No
Wyoming N/A Yes No