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Reach out to your elected officials today to find out where they stand on election reform in Texas.

At HeadCount, we believe that election laws should increase voter access and participation - that’s because we want all of your voices to be heard!

Texas has active legislation that would eliminate early voting programs that were secure and successful in 2020, such as drive-thru or 24 hour early vote centers, and absentee ballot drop boxes. The state may even change how they decide where polling places go in local communities.

The proposed changes will reduce voter access and cause longer lines on Election Day.

Do you know where your elected officials stand on the proposed election changes? Contact them today to find out - and let them know what you think voter access should look like in Texas!

*Note about the Title field above: Many of these officials use web forms instead of email addresses, which often require every field listed. Hiding fields can affect message deliverability for the U.S. Congress and some state-level officials.