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The Youth Vote Beyond Bernie

I am not particularly good at watching television shows. I loved watching shows like Breaking Bad, and Entourage and even 24, but I never started those series from the beginning. Once the shows got super popular I jumped on the bandwagon and was entirely reliant on my friends to explain to me what was going…

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Disappointed by Youth Voter Turnout? Take Another Look

Youth voter turnout actually increased in 2014, despite overall turnout hitting its lowest level in 72 years.

Maryland Town Goes Rogue with “Underage” Voting

One Maryland town is giving 16-year-olds the right to vote. Trend brewing?

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Comedian’s Rant Sets off “Vote Mobs” in Canada

A Canadian comic’s challenge to young voters has set off a series of “Vote Mobs” and accompanying slick YouTube videos in advance of the country’s May 2nd Federal election.

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Anti-Student Voting Bill Dies in NH

Efforts in New Hampshire to bar college students from voting at their school addresses have been killed, for now.

Everyone Missed the Mark with Young Voters

Young voters still supported Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections, but overall youth voter turnout was down. This points to the fact that Democrats, Republicans and nonpartisan organizations like HeadCount all must get more creative to truly engage the youth vote.

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Thomas Friedman Nails It

Although most of “More (Steve) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” is devoted to National Lab Day and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman led off today with something I suspect we’ll be hearing more of as the November elections loom larger. (Even considering the source.) The most striking feature of Barack…