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Food & Farm Policy Issue Update: Farm Aid Keeps on Rockin’ While the Gov’t Cracks Down on the Underground Market

Government keeps cracking down on fresh food sold directly to consumers on the “underground market,” but somehow government agencies aren’t doing anything about junk food advertising for kids or salmonella outbreaks. Does that make you mad?

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Jay-Z Apologetic for “Big Pimpin'” Lyrics

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jay-Z appears apologetic about decade-old words that appear to condone prostitution, violence and general disrespect of women.

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Barack Obama’s Health-Care Dilemma

Last month Bill Clinton urged President Obama not to give in to Republican demands for a weakening of the public option. At the time, it seemed like the only support Obama would have to struggle to gain would be from the right. But now, as budget talks intensify in the Senate and House, there’s clearly…