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People Are Flipping Out Over Trump’s New Voting Integrity Commission

Yesterday President Trump announced an executive order creating a new voting integrity commission to look into voter fraud and voter suppression, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence. Protecting voter integrity is surely a good thing. And in some pockets, people are cheering the President’s move. Breitbart News did an exclusive interview  with the commission’s controversial…

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Let America Vote: New Group Fighting Voter Suppression

Yesterday Jason Kander, former Army captain, Missouri Secretary of State and U.S Senate candidate announced his next move: forming Let America Vote, a non-profit dedicated to fighting against voter suppression. This could be really cool. It might even be cooler than the time Kander assembled an AR-15 rifle blindfolded in a campaign ad. According to…

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50 Years After Freedom Summer, Voting Rights Still Center Stage

50 years ago, Freedom Summer laid the groundwork for the Voting Rights Act. One year ago, the VRA was weakened. Now, a new act looks to restore its power.

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Arkansas and Kansas: Voter ID Battlegrounds

Legal back-and-forth on voting laws threw new ID laws in Arkansas and Kansas into question this week.

Voter ID is Dead in Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker failed to “point to a single instance of known voter impersonation occurring in Wisconsin at any time in the recent past.”

Voter ID Out in Arkansas, but Attorney General Appeals

An Arkansas judge called the state’s voter ID law “void and unenforceable.”

Wisconsin Early Voting Scaled Back Again

Wisconsin’s popular early voting period has been trimmed for the second time since 2011, this time eliminating weekend voting.

Two Tiers No More: All Voters Must Prove Citizenship in AZ and KS

Two-tiered voting is out. But proof of citizenship for registration is in.

PA Voter ID Law Struck Down in Court

A judge’s ruling could spell the end of strict voter ID in Pennsylvania.

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Can the Voting Rights Act be Saved? A New Bipartisan Bill Might do Just That.

The Voting Rights Act, designed to protect Americans from discrimination at the polls, was hobbled by a Supreme Court ruling last year. But now, a bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a bill that could give it new life.