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Gritty and Amazing: Road Journal from Camp Bisco

Life on the road isn’t always easy for our festival coordinators, but the love they get from our fans makes it all worthwhile.

Ohio House Republicans Sneak Student Voting Barrier into Massive Budget Bill

Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives included language in a budget bill designed to make it more difficult for students attending Ohio colleges to vote in their college communities.

Proof of Citizenship Could be Required for All Arizona Voters

An Arizona law could require voters to submit proof of citizenship when registering to vote. Try doing that when registering at a concert!

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Millions of Young Voters Unsure of Voter Registration Status After Moving

Seven out of ten people who first voted for President in 2008 have moved since then. Of those, less than half are sure if they’re registered at their current address.

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Court Strikes Down Florida Voter Registration Laws

A court has put a stop to laws in Florida that had put voter registration groups out of business in the state.

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Volunteer of the Month: Charlie Blatt

Sayin’ thanks to HeadCount’s Volunteer of the Month, Charlie Blatt!

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Registering Voters at Occupy Wall Street

HeadCount volunteers and interns have been hitting “Occupy Wall Street” to register voters. The reactions have been eye-opening.

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The Stats Are In: You Voted

When you register someone to vote at a concert, you really have no idea if he or she will actually make it to the polls on Election Day. Let’s face it, over the years we’ve registered a fair number of people who never thought much about politics until a musician said something from stage. And…

Congratulations Josh Gelfand, Winner of First HeadCount Reality Check at Bonnaroo

Nine straight wins. That’s what it took to win Reality Check, HeadCount’s music and politics trivia game show. After four days of competition, a disputed answer (was “Ernest” – rather than Ernesto – acceptable as Trey Anastasio’s correct legal name?), and a final tournament that attracted a throng of contestants and observers, San Diego’s Josh…

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What Now? HeadCount’s New Campaign

“What is HeadCount doing now that the election’s over?” That’s a question I get asked almost every day. I’ve got a ton of answers, but if I had to sum it up, I’d say, “We’re gonna make $!#@ happen.” When Marc Brownstein and I launched HeadCount in early 2004, it was a time when many…