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Registering Voters at March For Our Lives

HeadCount.org is a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to promote participation in democracy. Now in our 15th year of registering voters at concerts and music festivals, we’re also organizing voter registration drives at MARCH FOR OUR LIVES events all over the U.S. Sign up below to join us at March For Our…

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Oregon Voters Are Automatically Registered Under New Law

If you have an Oregon drivers license issued in the last two years, you’re also registered to vote. That’s the nut of a new law in Oregon that positions the state as leader in voter accessibility. By digitally linking Department of Motor Vehicles records to voter registration, anyone who has been to the DMV since…

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Celebrate National Voter Registration Day

For HeadCount, there’s only one day as important as Election Day: National Voter Registration Day. It’s Tuesday Sept. 23rd, and we want you to be a part of it.

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Students Battle NC Voting Laws

North Carolina students are using a never-before-seen defense to battle obstructions to youth voting.

Why Not?! An Unscientific Study of Voter (Dis)engagement

Why don’t young people want to vote? Our Festival Coordinator Pat Daley brings us the results of his unscientific survey at a midsummer festival.

In 2013, We Went Big

For HeadCount, 2013 was all about finding new ways to participate, speak out, and get down. We went further than ever to activate music lovers to change the world, and it’s just the beginning.

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NYC Votes: How a Wired City Can Make or Break a Candidate

Do technology and the internet really decide who wins elections? NYC might answer that question this fall.

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Gritty and Amazing: Road Journal from Camp Bisco

Life on the road isn’t always easy for our festival coordinators, but the love they get from our fans makes it all worthwhile.

Ohio House Republicans Sneak Student Voting Barrier into Massive Budget Bill

Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives included language in a budget bill designed to make it more difficult for students attending Ohio colleges to vote in their college communities.

Proof of Citizenship Could be Required for All Arizona Voters

An Arizona law could require voters to submit proof of citizenship when registering to vote. Try doing that when registering at a concert!

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