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Highly Controversial Voter ID Law on Trial in PA

Remember Voter ID laws from election season? A moment of truth for Pennsylvania’s law has come. Will it hold up in court?

Arizona Voter Registration ID Law Struck Down

The Supreme Court rules today that Arizona can’t require proof of citizenship to register to vote, because it violates federal law. It’s a big victory for voting rights groups, but it could be the beginning of a bigger national battle.

Millions of Young Voters Unsure of Voter Registration Status After Moving

Seven out of ten people who first voted for President in 2008 have moved since then. Of those, less than half are sure if they’re registered at their current address.

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It’s A Good Thing Size Matters

Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union, just passed a Voter ID bill. The twist? Their legislature is controlled by Democrats.

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Wisconsin: Another State Bites the Dust on Voter ID

Wisconsin became the 11th state to pass a law requiring ID at the polls. Critics say it’s an attempt by Republicans to keep students, minorities and the elderly away from the polls.

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