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People Are Flipping Out Over Trump’s New Voting Integrity Commission

Yesterday President Trump announced an executive order creating a new voting integrity commission to look into voter fraud and voter suppression, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence. Protecting voter integrity is surely a good thing. And in some pockets, people are cheering the President’s move. Breitbart News did an exclusive interview  with the commission’s controversial…

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Voter Fraud Detector Fails in Florida

A controversial program designed to fight voter fraud has failed in Florida.

PA Voter ID Law Struck Down in Court

A judge’s ruling could spell the end of strict voter ID in Pennsylvania.

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The Governor That Made Voting Harder Just Relented, Sort Of

This governor’s laws made voting so hard, he had to change them. Is the new law a real fix, or just good PR?

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GOP Pol Says Voter ID Laws Will Help Romney Win

A high-ranking Pennsylvania Republican said the state’s Voter ID law will help Mitt Romney win in his state, leading Democrats to say “I told you so.”