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Meet John Mayer’s Veterans Charity at Dead & Co.

Layer by layer, fans of Dead & Company are learning more about John Mayer. On Sunday, they’ll get a first-hand look at his philanthropic side. The Veterans Health and Integration Program, (VHIP) a non-profit collaborative with Bay Area leaders in veterans health, was founded by John Mayer in 2011. They’ll be at Dead & Company’s…

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Interview: Patrick Hawco, Veteran and Founder of Electric Forces

Electric Forest was an exceptional experience for HeadCount this year and I had the privilege of being the Team Leader for the event. Over the course of the four-day festival our team registered nearly 500 people to vote, had countless inspirational interactions, and marked the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage with 40,000 of our closest friends. One of…

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Inside the Shutdown: Week 2 Begins

As the second week of the government shutdown begins, our D.C. team leader reflects on how this looks to a seasoned federal employee, and what it’s like to live in a city that “seems to be in chaos.”

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Soldiers Use the Power of Music to Triumph Over Trauma

All over the country, soldiers who are suffering from PTSD and physical injuries are learning to deal with their pain by writing songs and playing music; and it seems to be working.