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Why Did I Actually Have to Work Last Thursday Morning? (or: how a politically-based tech attack shut down MY social networking)

In an interview with the Guardian, a Georgian blogger known as Cyxymu says the Russian government is responsible for last Thursday’s denial-of-service disruptions on several popular social networking sites that left hundreds of millions of web users worldwide with a largely smaller connection to those around them. Countless others have reported being bored to tears…

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You Enjoy Myspace: Phish And Social Networking

“When we look at bands and artists that foster community (and sometimes endless jams), we can see parallels to the rise of social networks,” writes Phish fan and strategic-communications specialist Josh Sternberg in “What Twitter and Facebook Can Learn From Phish,” an intriguing post for Mashable: The Social Media Guide. Sternberg makes the often repeated…

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Bob Weir Twitters From DC

By Richard Gehr Mr. Weir went to Washington yesterday, as you can see from this handsome photo he twittered. Standing between Bob and Mickey Hart is of course Minnesota’s brand new junior senator – and longtime Deadhead – Al Franken. He also stopped by the White House for a meeting and meal with presidential aide…

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The Chartreuse of Civil Disobedience in Iran

This post commemorates the millions of Iranians who have taken to the streets in the spirit of Mohandas Gandhi’s satyagraha and Martin Luther King Jr.’s peaceful rebellion. The protesters mostly wear the lime-green chartreuse color (it’s a real “clash” of opinions) associated with presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi. On Monday, at a rally in Azadi (Freedom)…

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Battling for the Soul of Young Republicans (in 140 Characters or Fewer)

Not only older Republicans like Gingrich and Cheney are grappling with the age of Obama. According to a recent article in Slate, even College Republicans are having an identity crisis. “We’re the dead-meat party,” said one young conservative. “We need to be the happy meal.” The first College Republican National Committee (CRNC) convention since the…

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HeadCount Seeks Conan O’Brian Twitter Tracker Love

HeadCount has a lively new Twitter feed, which we encourage you to subscribe to here. With any luck, Conan O’Brian’s Twitter Tracker will snag it on the “Tonight Show.” via Boing-Boing