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The DOJ Takes on Texas Again — This Time Over Voter ID

Texas takes on a second lawsuit from the Department of Justice over voting laws the DOJ sees as discriminatory.

Voting in the Post-Preclearance Era

There’s more than one way to win an election.

Voting Rights Fight Heating Up

New battles over voting rights are flaring up in TX and NC.

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Racism in Politics – A 2012 Reality

One HeadCount volunteer’s view on racism in politics today and what needs to be stopped.

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A Scholarship Specifically for White Males

In response to the many scholarships open only to women or ethnic minorities, an organization is offering scholarships exclusively for white males.

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Human Rights Issue Update: Human Slavery… at the Super Bowl?

Sex is powerful. And as everyone knows, sex can have an extremely dark side.

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Health Care Reform Issue Update: Critics and Carriers Still Tearing Apart Health Care Bill

The big debate about Health Care Reform simmered down with the passage of the bill, but it continues to be the core of a nationwide ideological battle over the role government should play.