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Facebook’s Town Hall Feature Just Revolutioned Digital Activism

Earlier this week Facebook launched something called Town Hall that makes it easy for you to find and contact those who represent you at every level. Town Hall is awesome. Here is a rundown of what it puts at your easy disposal. FIND YOUR REPS This is pretty straightforward, all you do is plug in…

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The Next Big Idea: iCitizen

iCitizen is a cutting-edge smartphone app that makes it easier to participate in democracy. You’ll be seeing a lot of iCitzen at HeadCount booths and tables this year.

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Cutting-Edge Democracy

Will technology put the future of democracy in your hands? Find out in our first installment of Cutting-Edge Democracy, a new series on the technologies and innovations that are rocking the world of democratic participation.

Education Issue Update: Matt Damon’s Schooling on Schooling

In education news: everything from anti-gay discrimination to celebrity robot lovers to a Matt Damon verbal sparring.

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Putting Democracy in Your Hands (Literally)

One thing that’s great about living in the 21st century is that if you want to connect with your elected representatives and tell them which way to vote on a particular issue, there actually is an app for that. Visible Vote is a free application, available for most smart phones, Facebook, PCs, and Macs, to…

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HeadCount To Host SXSW Panel

HeadCount will host a panel at the South by Southwest Music Conference titled “Effecting Social Change via Music and Technology.” SXSW is the premier US music-industry event, attracting up-and-coming musicians, filmmakers, promoters, executives, and entrepreneurs to Austin, Texas, for a week of music, meetings, and revelry. Selected and elected from among hundreds of candidates,“Effecting Social…

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Phish 3.0: Even Carl Sagan Can’t Shine My Shoes

By Andy Gadiel As I rode the bus home from work last week, watching a live Phish show streamed via someone’s iPhone on my laptop connected to mobile Wi-Fi, I couldn’t help but think of how far we’ve come from the days of people running to lobby pay phones at set break to call me…

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Upclose Activism

The Center for Community Change’s Sally Kohn has a piece today about the passionate Millennial activism that is taking place online and the extent to which it happens off line. We’ve kinda heard this complaint before with Thomas Friedman’s Generation Q piece that slammed the Millennial Generation for not being disgusted enough by our contemporary…