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The Struggle for Solar

It’s not that citizens oppose solar energy, which circumvents a lot of the drawbacks of fossil-fuel energy; it’s that there doesn’t seem to be any one place in which we can put our solar panels that won’t piss somebody off.

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STS9 – Driving Alternative Energy

For two years now, STS9 has been sponsoring a group of high school students from South Plantation, FL in their efforts to dominate the world of solar vehicle races.

Bisco Power Mission Takes HeadCount To New Places

Dating back to HeadCount’s 2004 launch, we viewed the organization’s ultimate purpose as stretching well beyond voter registration. Our very first action plan called for HeadCount to serve as a “grassroots organizing arm of the live music community.” Our purpose, in the broadest sense, was to foster civic participation among fans of live music and…

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Interview: Paul Diaz Of Tree Sound Studios

The list of clients who’ve recorded at Paul Diaz’s Tree Sound Studios starts with Aerosmith and ends with Usher. In-between are literally hundreds of rock, rap, folk, and r&b acts who’ve availed themselves of this Atlanta facility’s blend of state-of-the-art recording technology and environmentally conscious outlook. In addition to his studio complex, Diaz also oversees…

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Introducing… HeadCount Festy Food Reviews

While attending a festival, my friends spend a lot of time critiquing, analyzing and dissecting. They talk about the music sometimes, too. Mostly though, serious analysis is reserved for food. We share important information, like Spicy Pie going up to $6 a slice (and still burning the roofs off everyone’s mouths) or that some quiet…