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The Power of Your Vote: North Carolina’s Rejected Voting Laws

The HeadCount blog is an open forum where all opinions are welcome. Anyone wishing to write for the HeadCount blog may do so by emailing [email protected] This commentary reflects only the views of the author and not of the HeadCount organization.  Sometimes your vote really counts. Yesterday I got to see that in action in my home state…

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Fair voting district victory today! But what about tomorrow?

Today the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) unanimously rejected a challenge to the longstanding voting district principal “one person, one vote” by ruling that states may use total population (as opposed to voting population) for drawing local and state legislative districts. This ruling comes from a critical case, Evenwel v Abbott, in which the Texas plaintiffs…

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SCOTUS takes on racially defined redistricting

This spring the United States Supreme Court has stepped in to address racial gerrymanders in Alabama and North Carolina. Each state has been asked to reconsider existing judicial decisions on districts drawn following the 2010 census. Additional states are expected to follow.

Point/Counterpoint: Two Perspectives on the Hobby Lobby Ruling

Hobby Lobby: a setback for women, or a reasonable protection of religious liberty? HeadCounters debate the question.

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Anti-Discrimination Law

Does the election of a black president and high turnout among minority voters mean that discrimination at the polls is a thing of the past? The Supreme Court seems to think so.

Arizona Voter Registration ID Law Struck Down

The Supreme Court rules today that Arizona can’t require proof of citizenship to register to vote, because it violates federal law. It’s a big victory for voting rights groups, but it could be the beginning of a bigger national battle.

Seats Open in Smashing Pumpkins, Supreme Court

They’ve both lost key members. It’s up to two of Chicago’s finest to replace them. Nearly everyone with an opinion and an internet connection has an idea of who the replacement should be. Yes, the Supreme Court and the Smashing Pumpkins have a lot in common right now. On the heels of Billy Corgan’s announcement…