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Larry King grills Sarah Palin about Phish (VIDEO)

An animated Larry King grills Sarah Palin about her opinions on Phish. Turns out she didn’t have any.

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Environmentalists are to blame for the Gulf Shore Oil Spill?

Sarah Palin loves Facebook, and Oil. So in her latest Facebook post she argues that Environmentalists are to blame…

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Sarah Palin Faux Interviews LL Cool J And Toby Keith

You may have heard that Sarah Palin launched a new special program on the FOX News Channel (FNC) called “Real American Stories”. The documentary-style show is not meant to be political in nature, but the first few video promos became a bit controversial. In advance of the April 1 series premier, FNC aired promos saying…

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Climate Change Movement Digs Self Out Of Snow

When a pair of snowstorms pounded Washington DC, climate-change skeptics were quick to call for an end to any discussion of global warming or climate-related legislation. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) tweeted, “It’s going to keep snowing until Al Gore cries uncle,” and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin called global warming “snake oil science.” It’s left…

William Shatner Makes Sarah Palin Start Making Sense

Located after John Dean’s intro. Dig those crazy bongos.

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What’s New With Auto-Tune The News?

Mother Jones has an enlightening interview with Michael and Evan Gregory of Auto-Tune the News. Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) is only the second-best auto-tuned vocalist in the sixth and most recent edition (below), which runs Congressional and TV-news debates on climate change, Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial resignation, Michael Jackson’s pill problem, and more through the Auto-Tuners’…

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Democrats Mock GOP Dinner, Non-Showdown Ensues

If there’s one thing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee knows how to do, it’s take advantage of the follies of their Republican rivals. Witness the Sarah Palin invite fiasco, for instance. Now sure, the Dems could have just let the headlines about infighting and egos at last night’s National Republican Congressional Committee gala fund-raising event…