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Disappointed by Youth Voter Turnout? Take Another Look

Youth voter turnout actually increased in 2014, despite overall turnout hitting its lowest level in 72 years.

HeadCount Launches The Hub for Voter Info

HeadCount has launched an online hub for voter information at www.headcount.org/govote. It’s the most comprehensive source of voter information on the Web

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Presidential Commission Urges Voting Innovations

If these good ideas are adopted, voting will get a whole lot easier.

Cutting-Edge Democracy

Will technology put the future of democracy in your hands? Find out in our first installment of Cutting-Edge Democracy, a new series on the technologies and innovations that are rocking the world of democratic participation.

Anti-Student Voting Bill Dies in NH

Efforts in New Hampshire to bar college students from voting at their school addresses have been killed, for now.

‘New York Times’ Ethicist Deems (Most) Voting Unethical

In an oddly timed Op-Ed piece yesterday, New York Times “Ethicist” Randy Cohen argued that only the civically well-informed should be encouraged to vote. National efforts like MTV’s Rock the Vote are particularly idiotic….A nonpartisan push is apt to rally Republicans as well as Democrats, liberals as well as conservatives, who will vote in the…