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Movers, Shakers, Music Lovers: Ken Bazinet

This year, HeadCount is taking a deeper look at the people who make and report the news in Washington, D.C. — and we’re talking to them about (what else?) music.

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Movers, Shakers, Music Lovers: Andy Sere

“I got involved with the Young Republicans in high school sophomore year and the next year got heavily into Phish.”

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Millennials Won’t Wait for a Seat to Take a Stand

Will Millennials fix America’s broken political system?

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Politicians Don’t Listen To The Lyrics

The Republican ticket is picking campaign songs that – the artists who wrote them say – stand for everything the candidates don’t.

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Political Issues You Can Dance To

Music and Politics: Third Eye Blind, Ted Nugent, The Smiths and more.

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Volunteer of the Month: Eytan Bernet

Another amazing volunteer helping us rock! Check out the HeadCount Volunteer of the Month!

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Occupy vs. Tea Party: By The Numbers

Let’s break down the differences – and similarities – between America’s most popular protest movements.

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Really, though, why can’t we all just get along?

“Why We Fight,” some of the more thought provoking musical writings posted to Pitchfork at the moment, discusses genre-mixing this week. Part of the prolonged point that author Nitsuh Abebe makes in support of exploring other types of music is that genres encourage development within other genres, and, in fact, keep them in balance.

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The Cultural Politics of “Phan” versus “Scholar”

I have a doctoral degree in performance studies.  I teach at a fairly reputable West Coast university, only three years away from that holy grail of educators, tenure.  I consider myself a scholar, in that I’ve worked long and hard — reading, writing, and thinking a lot — in order to be able to gain…