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HeadCount Holiday Fundraiser

For a little while now, HeadCount has been sitting on the MOTHERLOAD of signed posters and items from various festivals. So this year, we decided to hold a little fundraiser by auctioning them off for the holidays.

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Free Concert Tix for Good (Global) Citizens

What if taking action online to end global poverty earned you free concert tix? Global Citizen is making that a reality.

HeadCount’s Best Year Ever

We are proud to announce that 2012 was HeadCount’s best year ever. We registered 103,340. The total for the two-year election cycle was 111,832.

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Sustainability & Climate Change Update: Fallout From Japan, Marijuana Growing and the Budget

Despite this year’s nuclear disaster and last year’s oil spill, Pearl Jam and Earth Hour are doing their part to better the environment. All that and more.

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Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, 20 others provide music to Patagonia environmental project

Environmentally-conscious apparel brand Patagonia announced a program today to sell exclusive music by Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, moe., Umphrey’s McGee and many others, with all proceeds donated to environmental charities of the artists’ choice.

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Pearl Jam and Friends Urge Obama to Ensure Gulf’s “Survival”

HeadCount artists Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, Bonnie Raitt Galactic and The Indigo Girls, along with over 80 other musicians and bands sent an open letter to President Obama urging him to dedicate more funding to restoring the Gulf Coast.

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Gulf Coast Recovery Issue Update: While the Oil Has Stopped, the Toxic Flow From BP Execs Has Not

The gulf coast oil spill has produced a wellspring of concern about Gulf Coast Recovery from people across the nation, including Jimmy Buffett and Pearl Jam.

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HeadCount Sustainability and Climate Change Update: Signs of Life for Climate Legislation

Some of you have been getting HeadCount’s Sustainability and Climate Change e-newsletter for a while. But for many of you who joined our mailing list when downloading the “Best of Bonnaroo” compilation, this will be the first time. So let me briefly introduce myself: I’m Nicole and every six weeks I’ll hit you with a brief…

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Making Our Voice Heard On Climate Change

The following was written for The Huffington Post: Nearly a year and a half ago, a record number of young voters turned out for the presidential election. Since then, civic-engagement organizations such as HeadCount have been fighting a sometimes difficult battle to keep young people excited about political participation. It isn’t easy. The paralysis in…

R.E.M., Pearl Jam Among Acts Filing FOIA Requests Regarding Gitmo Music Abuse

Pearl Jam, R.E.M., and the Roots are among a coalition of musical headliners pressing the government to find out if their music was used to coerce or punish prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, according to published news reports. “The fact that music I helped create was used in crimes against humanity sickens me,” said Rage…

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