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Early Voting Takes a Hit in Two States

Necessary housekeeping or political power grab? Early voting facing limits in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Ohio House Republicans Sneak Student Voting Barrier into Massive Budget Bill

Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives included language in a budget bill designed to make it more difficult for students attending Ohio colleges to vote in their college communities.

Hello November 7th. It’s Me Ohio. Are You Here Yet?

An Ohio resident laments the campaign siege of the Buckeye State

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Ohio Early Voting – TBD

The Ohio Secretary of State is going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to try to stop early voting from happening the weekend before the general election.

Ohio Extends Early Voting Hours – In Republican Counties

What are the hours for early voting in Ohio? Well that depends on who you’re voting for.

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Settling: Ohio Agrees to Change Election Practices

In 2004, Ohio became the new Florida. Secretary of State Ken Blackwell became the most reviled figure in the election reform movement long before election day, when he attempted to nullify tens of thousands of voter registration forms based on technicalities. When the results of the election came down to Ohio late at night, reports…