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The Power of Your Vote: North Carolina’s Rejected Voting Laws

The HeadCount blog is an open forum where all opinions are welcome. Anyone wishing to write for the HeadCount blog may do so by emailing [email protected] This commentary reflects only the views of the author and not of the HeadCount organization.  Sometimes your vote really counts. Yesterday I got to see that in action in my home state…

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Rocking the Homestretch at The Ritz in Raleigh

In 12 years of working with HeadCount, I’ve gotten used to seeing great things happen based on relationships. Usually you hear about the great successes and opportunities from relationships with our national partners, amazing board members, artists, and leaders in the music world. But for me the true magic happens on the grassroots level. As…

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North Carolina Primary in Jeopardy due to Racial Gerrymander

North Carolina’s primaries are in jeopardy after a federal judicial ruling declared two congressional districts unconstitutional due to racial gerrymandering. The Tar Heel State planned to hold primaries on March 15 and even started sending out absentee ballots, but now everything is up in the air. Last Friday a panel of three federal judges ruled…

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All Eyes on North Carolina Election Law Case

North Carolina is carefully being watched as a federal trial is underway that will determine if its 2013 election law is illegal. The plaintiffs, including the US Justice Department, North Carolina NAACP and the North Carolina League of Women Voters, are tasked with proving that North Carolina’s election law reform, known as HB589, was created and enacted to intentionally discriminate against minorities and voters under 25.

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Students Battle NC Voting Laws

North Carolina students are using a never-before-seen defense to battle obstructions to youth voting.

Voter ID Loses Key Supporter, Gains Bigoted Defender

Voter ID laws, always controversial, have now suffered two major public blows, one from an early, decisive defender who now regrets his decision, and another from a conservative activist who offered a racist defense of the laws.

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Voting in the Post-Preclearance Era

There’s more than one way to win an election.

Voting Rights Fight Heating Up

New battles over voting rights are flaring up in TX and NC.

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A Young Player in an Old Man’s Game: NC Senate Candidate Phil Feagan

Young people plus politics: We like the sound of it! Here’s one young candidate who is running for office in this election cycle.

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North Carolina’s Proposed Amendment 1 Goes Far Beyond Gay Marriage

A proposed anti-gay marriage amendment to North Carolina’s constitution will do more than its proponents are letting on

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