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Sustainability & Climate Change Issue Update: The GOP, Sustainability and Climate Change

Coming into Iowa, candidates stumped on a range of issues, including sustainability and climate change. Here’s where the 2012 hopefuls stand on the issue.

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Health Care Reform Issue Update: The Situation, The Solution and Fist Pumpin’ in Health Care

As part of HeadCount’s “What’s Your Issue?” campaign, we publish regular updates on each of six issues. The following is our latest Health Care Reform update. Since the last health care update, MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore” and the character “The Situation” have been fist pumpin’ their way into the cultural spotlight. Perhaps it’s just…

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Mr. U2 Goes To Washington

With two Bono shout-outs to Nancy Pelosi during their Washington DC gig Tuesday night, and an elaborate multimedia stage design (“the Claw”!) that, as one commenter noted, could have fed all Africa, U2 walked a thin line between righteousness and ostentation. The comments to the Chris Richards’s Washington Post review supply a wide range of…