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“Music for Action” is back with State Radio

HeadCount has teamed up with State Radio and Dispatch to run new “Music for Action” campaigns. The first, which debuted today, sees State Radio give away two exclusive tracks in support of Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis.

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Interview: Marc Brownstein On Bisco Power

HeadCount co-founder Marc Brownstein, the bubbling bass man with The Disco Biscuits, is on a roll. On March 16, the Biscuits release Planet Anthem, an ambitious left turn of an album full of ambitious pop experiments. The album is already causing a ruckus among fans, who’ve been hearing some of the new material on tour….

Making Our Voice Heard On Climate Change

The following was written for The Huffington Post: Nearly a year and a half ago, a record number of young voters turned out for the presidential election. Since then, civic-engagement organizations such as HeadCount have been fighting a sometimes difficult battle to keep young people excited about political participation. It isn’t easy. The paralysis in…