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Politicians Don’t Listen To The Lyrics

The Republican ticket is picking campaign songs that – the artists who wrote them say – stand for everything the candidates don’t.

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Was Paul Ryan a Smart Choice for Romney? – Yes

Paul Ryan’s charisma and ability to articulate the modern Republican philosophy make the Presidential race a referendum on two starkly different governing philosophies. That could rally the GOP base and land Mitt Romney in the White House.

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Was Paul Ryan a Smart Choice for Romney? – No

Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate is confusing for a number of reasons.

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What is Ron Paul Up To? The Answer Might Surprise You

Working the little-known Republican State Convention system to his advantage, Ron Paul has picked up a majority of the delegates from a number of states.

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Education Issue Update: The GOP and Education

As the Republican primaries proceed, it’s worth taking a good, hard look at the candidates’ stances on education.

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Can you Gamble on Elections? You Betchya

Did you know that overseas websites take “bets” on U.S. election? Mitt Romney is still the favorite to win the Republican nomination, but his odds plummeted after the South Carolina primary. The crazy thing is that the odds on the “Political Prediction Market” are more accurate than most polls.

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Personal Liberty Issue Update: Freedom, the Constitution and the Candidates

Personal liberty, freedom, and the Constitution are at the core of the Republican presidential candidates’ talking points. So what exactly does freedom and liberty mean to the GOP Presidential candidates?

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Food & Farm Issue Update: Food on the Plate for GOP Candidates?

Unless you followed every word of every GOP debate, you might not know where the Republican presidential candidates stand on food and farm policy. Have no fear, as HeadCount is here to inform you on the issues NOT in the headlines.

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Sustainability & Climate Change Issue Update: The GOP, Sustainability and Climate Change

Coming into Iowa, candidates stumped on a range of issues, including sustainability and climate change. Here’s where the 2012 hopefuls stand on the issue.

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LMFAO Vs. Mitt Romney

We’re all about music interacting with politics but this is ridiculous. Rapper Sky Blu of rap group LMFAO takes to YouTube to explain his side the Air Canada altercation with Mitt Romney that galvanized America. It’s cool that Skyler Gordy – grandson of Motown founder Barry Gordy! – took six minutes out of his day…