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Congress Acknowledges Medical Marijuana Could Help Vets

For the first time ever, the federal government just took a step to allow VA doctors to talk to veterans about medical marijuana. Yup. For years doctors in states with full medical marijuana programs were not allowed to talk to patients about all possible treatments, even for treatment of diseases where marijuana is proven to…

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Why is Obama cracking down on Medical Marijuana?

What could possibly be behind the Obama Administration’s recent crackdown on California’s medical marijuana industry?

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Students For Sensible Drug Policy Convening In SF

Students For Sensible Drug Policy‘s annual conference kicks off Friday in San Francisco with a field trip to a model medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland – and gets even more sensible from there. There’s still time to register and attend the three-day event striking a smart balance of politics and “DARE generation” culture. Keynote speakers…

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How To Legalize It by Speaking New Jersey

The Garden State is shaping up to be the next state to legalize medical marijuana. Back in February, the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act passed 22-16 in the NJ Senate, and the NJ Assembly health committee passed an amended version of the bill in June. NJ Gov. Jon Corzine (D) said he supports…

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AMA Calls For Marijuana Schedule Review

To the surprise and delight of those who support medical marijuana, the American Medical Association announced Tuesday that it will call for the schedule I status of marijuana to be reviewed: “Our American Medical Association (AMA) urges that marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed with the goal of facilitating the conduct…

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Obama Announces Federal Medical Marijuana Policy

Today, the Department of Justice released guidelines to clarify the enforcement of federal policy on people in states with medical marijuana legislation.  The new guidelines prioritize federal law enforcement resources for drug traffickers and money launders and explicitly state that prosecuting those in compliance with state law should not be a priority. As a general…

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Pseudo Pot Legalization Hurts Drug Cartels. But Is It Enough?

It’s an argument marijuana legalization advocates have been using for years: If marijuana were legalized and regulated in America, drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) and gangs would be put out of business. But how much truth does that argument hold? The expansion of medical marijuana dispensaries and growers in California, Michigan, and Colorado could provide all the…

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How Marijuana Became Legal (For White People)

Since thirteen states have legalized marijuana for medical use, with another fifteen possibly doing the same by next year, Roger Parloff argues in a humongous Fortune magazine feature (“How Marijuana Became Legal”) that the plant has essentially been legitimized, at least on a “local-option” basis. Moreover, medical marijuana in California offers the benefit of an…

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Canada Pot Nazis: ‘No Wheelchair For You!’

Whenever I think the human race just couldn’t get any dumber when it comes to dealing with marijuana, I’m proven wrong. And this time it’s in Canada. Who would have thought, eh? In an act of utter stupidity and ignorance, a Canadian care center punished resident Nyle Nagy for legally using medical marijuana. Why? The…