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Interview: “The Bunk Police” Testing Drugs at Music Festivals

A group of festival goers calling themselves the Bunk Police are on a mission to test the purity of some of the illegal drugs being sold on shakedown streets of music festivals around the country. They’re finding that more often than not, things are not what they seem.

Owsley Stanley – LSD pioneer and counterculture icon dies

LSD pioneer and sound technician for the Grateful Dead, Owsley “Bear” Stanley died Saturday in a car accident in Queensland, Australia at age 76.

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Phish Telluride shows will have “trip tents”

As Phish’s Telluride run nears, the beautiful Colorado village is preparing for whatever it is they think will happen when the circus comes to town.

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Dock Ellis’s LSD No-Hitter Animated

While LSD has a healthy rep for inspiring great art (e.g., R. Crumb, Ken Kesey, the Beatles) and great science (Francis Crick deduced the double-helix structure of DNA while tripping), it’s rarely considered much of a sports enhancer — with one important exception. On June 12, 1970, formidable yet eccentric Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis…

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LSD-Inventor Albert Hoffman Writes Apple CEO Steve Jobs

By Richard Gehr Ryan Grimm neatly distills the fascinating historical confluence of psychedelic drugs (mostly LSD) and computer culture in this Huffington Post excerpt from his forthcoming book, This Is Your Country on Drugs: The Secret History of Getting High in the United States. The surprising bit, however, is this reproduction of a 2007 handwritten…