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HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project

Here’s a letter from our Co-Founder and Co-Chair Marc Brownstein announcing our new Cannabis Voter Project. So please read Marc’s letter, visit CannabisVoter.info and make sure you are all set to vote: We’ve heard it all… My vote doesn’t count. or.. There’s no point in voting, both parties are the same… Nothing ever changes… or…

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Not Just the White House: Marijuana Initiatives

In the days before the 2016 election HeadCount is running a new series titled “Not Just the White House,” a run down of ballot initiatives across the 50 states. For the first installment we are looking into marijuana initiatives. This coming Tuesday, 9 states have referendums to reform marijuana legislation on their ballots. That’s right!…

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Presidential Candidate & Marijuana

Super Tuesday and Super Saturday have come to pass, Michigan has cast their ballots, even the Democrats Abroad have made their voices heard; but neither party has settled on a candidate. Donald Trump currently has a 90 delegate lead over his closest competitor Ted Cruz, while Hillary Clinton holds a 205 pledged delegate lead over…

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Millennials Won’t Wait for a Seat to Take a Stand

Will Millennials fix America’s broken political system?

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Obama Rebukes Latin America on Call to End War on Drugs

President Obama shrugged off Latin American leaders’ calls for a new approach to drug policy

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Snoop Dogg: Puff Puff Pass Prop 19

When artists remind their fans that civic participation is a good thing, that’s great. When it’s Snoop Dogg – talking about weed – it’s freakin’ hilarious.

Personal Liberty Issue Update: Chuck Norris – Kicking Ass for Freedom

While supporters of same-sex marriage are still glowing over the decision that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional, the gay rights movement has tasted both victory and defeat concerning the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

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SWAT Team Raids Families Home and Kills Dog. Finds a Bong.

Last month, HeadCount’s Community Question asked “what personal liberty issues are most important to you?” Those who participated in the poll overwhelmingly chose marijuana legalization among the 4 choices. So it’s pretty certain that this video of a marijuana raid that took place at a family home in Columbia, Missouri in February will stir some…

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HeadCount Personal Liberty Issue Update: Lawyers, Guns and Money

What happens when you take a landmark Supreme Court case concerning Chicago’s ban on handgun ownership, then throw the 2nd Amendment and its meaning into the mix? This Personal Liberties Issue blast will cover that as well as new gay marriage laws, drug war violence and marijuana taxation and legalization. But first, we’d like to…

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Students For Sensible Drug Policy Convening In SF

Students For Sensible Drug Policy‘s annual conference kicks off Friday in San Francisco with a field trip to a model medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland – and gets even more sensible from there. There’s still time to register and attend the three-day event striking a smart balance of politics and “DARE generation” culture. Keynote speakers…

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